Coalition for a Drug Free Texas and Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana will hold a press event announcing the state-wide roll out of mobile billboards messaging the number one drug associated with a child’s death in Texas*

Dr. Paul Chabot, President of Coalition for a Drug Free Texas stated, “It’s time we address the issue of child endangerment and death associated with drugs, and in particular, marijuana based on new data from the State of Texas. Today’s pot is not the same of the 1960s 1% potency. It is extremely potent, addictive and dangerous, grown in super-labs with potency of up to 80% leading to significant mental and physical health dangers, and data now shows the devastating effects to children harmed and killed. Together, we must do a better job protecting Texas children and addressing the harmful effects of marijuana, head on.”

*Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Fiscal Year 2020 report titled Child Maltreatment Fatalities and Near Fatalities Annual Report March 2021