We bring together existing anti-drug coalitions from around the state to work together to prevent the early onset of alcohol, tobacco and drug use by young people.

We offer guidance on the best prevention policies and programs to elected officials at the local, state and national level, based on our years of experience

We seek to enlighten elected officials and administrative staff on the social and economic benefits or preventing substance abuse.

We inform the media, local, state and federal officials on drug matters affecting Texas.

We assist with the creation of new anti-drug coalitions throughout the State.

We seek funding for our activities by helping other non-profit organizations raise money for their efforts, whether anti-drug related or for other worthy causes. 

“The future for Texas and the nation lies in the hands of our youth. We must do a better job protecting our communities from the influx of illegal drugs by reducing the youth onset of drug use through prevention efforts while educating parents, enforcing the law (both state and federal) and stopping the drug legalization movement from dictating health policy.” Dr. Paul Chabot